Legal Specializations

Conservatorship & Guardianship


When loved ones are no longer able to handle their personal affairs and finances, courts can grant authority to another person. Conservators are responsible for handling a person’s financial matters, while a guardian controls their custody and physical care. Collin can help guide your family through this process with accessibility, compassion and legal expertise. Conservatorships and/or Guardianships are often beneficial to both incapacitated elderly persons or persons with disabilities as well.

Estate Planning



Clients who work with Collin for estate planning take decision-making about the distribution of their lifetime earnings and assets into their own hands. Rather than having state law dictate the distribution of your assets upon your passing, estate planning helps ensure they are distributed to your intended beneficiaries. Collin can help you draft a will or trust to ensure your intentions are established in a legally binding manner.

Wills & Trusts



One of the most important aspects of estate planning is drafting a will or trust. Collin T. Edmonds is a wills and trusts attorney in Central Oregon here to help you develop a plan that reflects your wishes. If you pass away without a will or trust in place, Oregon law determines how your assets are distributed. 

Power of Attorney


If you become seriously ill, injured or disabled and need someone to help manage your affairs, having a power of attorney document created in advance can avoid the more severe solution of needing a conservator or guardian appointed by a court. It’s possible to limit the power to certain decisions you specify in the document. Collin can assist you in assigning an agent and enacting power of attorney that fits your level of comfort.

Probate Administration


Probate is the legal process that takes place with the court after someone’s death and its main purpose is to transfer ownership of your assets when they do not transfer automatically by operation of law or by the designation of a beneficiary. However, probates also make sure that all your assets are identified and distributed as you requested in your estate planning documents,

Collin T. Edmonds works to help older adults and their loved ones plan for the future. Collin splits time between his offices in Bend, Redmond and Prineville, making him accessible to all Central Oregonians. Contact Collin today for a legal consultation.

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